Challenge 8: An Unforgettable Day

 A little girl woke up one morning with excitement bubbling in her chest. Today was a very special day. She was so excited she had a hard time sleeping the night before, and made sure she was up early in the morning. 

The small girl’s mother woke up early too to help her prepare for the day, and they started with getting her into her new lily white dress. The girl felt like an angel in it.

 Next, they moved on to the girl’s hair. The mother put her daughter’s hair in rollers the night before, and when she took the rollers out in the morning, beautiful curls fell around the daughter’s shoulders. The girl loved her curls, and couldn’t help wanting to put her fingers through them. Mom put hairspray over the curls to hold them, and told the daughter that if she wanted her hair to stay pretty for the entire day, she had to stop touching her hair! This was the first time the little girl remembered ever getting this dolled up, and when she looked into the mirror, she saw nothing but beauty.

After putting on white lace gloves to match her white dress, the small girl was ready to head through the door. When she reached her church, the girl happily threw rose petals when it was her turn to walk down the aisle. She looked on in awe as she watched the special lady of the day finally take her turn walking down the aisle, and watched tears of joy fall down down many faces as the lady and her new husband kissed. On her way to the reception party, the girl felt like a princess during her ride in the limo, and enjoyed drinking out of fancy glass cups at the reception dinner. 

The day was beautiful, and the girl had lots of fun. When she reached back home, the exhausted girl quickly went to sleep, eager for the day she would get to wear a white dress again and walk down an aisle.  

Until next time,



My Biggest Pet Peeve

Hello everyone! Remember my 52 week challenge posts? I sure hope you do, because I’m back with another one! I was on a pretty long hiatus, so I pretty much failed this challenge, but I still want to continue it! These posts are so much fun to write! This week’s challenge post is number 9, my biggest pet peeve! I thought a bit hard about this actually, because this topic required a bit of introspection. After giving this post some thought, I realized what might be one of my biggest pet peeves. 

According to American author Gary Chapman, there are five love languages. In other words, there are five different ways we give and receive love: acts of service (doing tasks for others), gift-giving, physical touch, quality time (giving some of your time to loved ones), and words of affirmation (hearing uplifting words). Every person generally uses all five love languages to express his or her love, and we enjoy receiving love through all five as well. However, there are usually some love languages that or more preferred than others, and it differs from person to person. We don’t really do a lot touching in my family, so I would say physical touch is pretty low on the list for us. We hug each other from time to time, but we don’t do much of any other types of casual touching (like putting our arms around each other’s shoulders for example). 

Since we don’t touch each other much, I’m not very used to being touched. Also, I’m used to a lot personal space, so whenever I’m talking with someone there’s usually a large amount of distance between us. My father knows this, and sometimes taps my shoulder knowing that will annoy me! This leads me to one of my biggest pet peeves (finally right?): taps on the shoulder!

Do you have a pet peeve? Share it in the comments! Also, if you would like to know your love language, take the Love Language quiz (My love language is Words of Affirmation)! The link is below! Have fun, and see you in the next post! 

Five Love Languages Quiz:

Ten Years from Now: Challenge 6

Ten years from now seems so far away, especially to someone who is trying to figure out what she might be doing even a year from now. I’m doing a bit of self-discovery right now. I’m not completely sure of where I want to be in life at the moment. With that being said, I’m not sure where I want to be in ten years.

The Coronavirus pandemic added to the uncertainty. Some of my plans I had for this year were put on hold because of the crisis, and I’m not sure when I can focus on them again. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is uncertain about the future because of the virus. Many people lost their jobs, and don’t know when they will be getting their next pay checks. 

As the saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Planning is an important part of life, but so is uncertainty and unexpected events. As I mentioned earlier, I’m exploring. I don’t know what I will be doing ten years from now. I just hope that by then, I will feel more confident and sure of myself. Thanks for visiting! See you in the next challenge post! 

My Favorite Holiday: Thanking Essential Workers

Hello everyone, and welcome to my next challenge post! This post is about my favorite holiday, challenge number 5. I’ve actually done a post about my favorite holiday already, which is Thanksgiving!  It’s the day set aside for us to show appreciation for the blessings in our lives. If I had to say one thing I’m grateful for at the moment, I would say the essential workers risking their lives right now. 

My family and I have been self isolating for a couple of weeks now, and have been depending on delivery services. We have been getting our food and supplies through those services, and that is also how I’ve been getting my medicine. I’ve been pretty open about having Turner syndrome. It is a genetic disorder that can cause a whole host of complications. I have some of those complications, and I take medicine to manage most of them. Taking my medicine as prescribed is very essential in order for me to keep my health from deteriorating. I’m able to continue taking my medicine because of pharmacists, postal workers, and other essential workers who make it possible, the workers who go out and risk their lives.

Thankyou to the medical workers, postal workers, warehouse workers, store workers, and all the essential workers going out to work each day. Thankyou for all you are doing during this time of crisis. This post is for you. Until next time. 

Top Five Places I’d like to Visit

Hello again all, and welcome to the next post in my 52 week challenge! In this post, I will be talking about places I would love to visit! Considering travel is very restricted at the moment due to the coronavirus epidemic, the fact that the topic for my next blog post challenge is about travel is a little ironic. Hopefully we will see some normality in our day to day lives soon! In my blog posts and social media tags I have participated in before, I have often been asked about places that I have visited or would like to visit. For places that we have visited, my answer is always the same: I don’t travel much! For places I would like to visit, my answers tend to change slightly, because there are many places I would love to visit! Sometimes seeing pictures of certain places is just not enough! It’s good to visit and see the sights for yourself! Also, I love to write! Visiting different places and going through new experiences helps to open up creativity! Like I said, there are many places I would love to visit, however, I was only asked to name five! Below is my list of five out of many places I would love to see someday!

  1. Canada – I’ve always wanted to see Niagara Falls! They look so beautiful, and I would love to see them in person! I also want to see the Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis, and I know Canada is one of the places I can go to catch them! 

2. Spain – I can speak a little Spanish, but I would love to perfect this skill and become fluent! I’m sure visiting a country where the dominant language, or where one of the dominant languages, is Spanish would be very helpful, and Spain is one of those countries I would like to visit.

3. Costa Rica – I’ve heard great things about this country! The people are happy and healthy! In fact, some of the people there are so healthy that one area in Costa Rica is known as a “Blue Zone”! That area is Nicoya. Blue zones areas where people seem to live longer than average. Not only do the people live longer than average, they also live productive and active lives well into old age. This is not exactly the reason I want to visit Costa Rica though! I want to visit because this is another Spanish country I would like to stay in for a while to develop my Spanish speaking skills! Costa Rica also looks like a beautiful country for a relaxing vacation!

4. One the Caribbean Islands – I know this might seem like a cheat since I didn’t pick one island, but I just couldn’t pick just one! I would like to go to any one of the Caribbean islands, or as many as I can! Pretty much all of them are seen as great places for a vacation, and have beautiful beaches! The most talked about islands are generally Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Barbados. Maybe I’ll visit one those countries!

5. Japan – I’ve always loved learning about different cultures, and Japanese culture is one I’ve been particularly fascinated with for a long time. The Japanese Kimono (traditional Japanese dress) and Sakura trees (cherry blossom trees) are so beautiful to me. I would love to visit Japan and learn more about the country and visit some beautiful sites, maybe see some Sakura trees for myself. I would also love to try some traditional Japanese treats like Mochi (Japanese rice cakes), dango (Japanese dumplings), and red bean paste. Maybe while I’m in Japan I might learn how to speak a little Japanese! 

And those are my five places! What five places would you like to visit? Thanks for stopping by! See you in my next challenge post!

Meet my Favorite Things

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another challenge post! This week’s post will be about my favorite things, challenge number two! My favorite things are my books and my journals. I mentioned on my blog and social media many times how much I love reading and writing. They’ve been two of my favorite activities since I was a small child. My parents even told I tried reading a newspaper upside down when I was a baby. 

Reading and writing go hand in hand, and that is very much the case for me. I always enjoyed the different ways authors shared their stories. I loved getting lost in the thoughts of the characters and what they thought about themselves, each other, and their surroundings. I grew to love and appreciate writing as a form of expression, and as I grew older I realized I express myself best through writing. Communication is second nature to many of us. It’s done so naturally. For others, not so much. When talking with someone in person, I sometimes struggle to express myself. I often have repeat myself in conversations, because I tend to mumble, and that’s when I actually decide to speak. Whenever I’m writing, however, I have a completely different experience. I’m not shy one bit, and my thoughts flow freely. I feel uninhibited, free to be myself. It is a wonderful feeling. 

And those are my favorite things! Thanks for visiting! Feel free to share some of your favorite things in the comments if you like, and stay tuned for my next challenge post!

My Childhood Memories: A Love Letter to Spring

Hello everyone! I was tagged to participate in a 52 week challenge! This challenge, as you can probably tell from the picture accompanying this post, requires the blogger to write blog posts using the prompts provided for over a 52 week period. The prompts help the reader learn more about the blogger. To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll be able to cover all of the prompts, but I thought it might be fun to participate in this challenge. Also, I was challenged by a fellow blogger I really adore: LaFrieda Smith! She runs the blog MMM of Family Entertainment where she shares a little of her life and experiences, and uses them to inspire others. Our blogs and goals for them are very similar, and I feel that we are kindred spirits! Be sure to visit her inspiring blog! Click here to give it a read! Now on with the challenge!

This week’s post is going to be about my childhood memories, challenge 7. Yes, I’m doing my challenge posts a little out of order! Ideas for a blog post about the Spring season popped into my head recently and, since some of my childhood memories came to mind with those ideas, I decided to combine this post with one of my challenge posts! I always loved when Spring would come around growing up, and I have some wonderful memories of events that happened during this season. One of my favorite parts of Spring has always been watching the sun slowly stay out longer each day. Long nights was the one part of Winter I never liked. I also loved watching flowers bloom, and there are a lot of flowers around my neighborhood! One Spring, I walked around my neighborhood with my Dad taking pictures of the flowers while they were in bloom. Sadly, I lost the pictures, but I had lots fun just spending time with my Dad and looking at beautiful flowers. 

I also loved the weather during this time of year! I was able to wear my cute shoes and dresses again! I always felt so pretty in them! Plus, I was able to go outside during my lunch breaks in middle school! My middle school was connected to a park, and the students were allowed to go outside and play in it during lunch breaks. We were allowed to go outside during winter too whenever the weather wasn’t very bad, but a lot of my classmates often chose to stay indoors. Playing in the park was much more fun whenever it was a little warmer outside! The warmer weather also made walking to school much more fun, along with shopping and walking to church with my family! The church I went to when I was a child was a little far from my home, but my family never used to mind once spring came around! My siblings and I would always have fun talking and playing on our way there! 

Unfortunately, this Spring season is looking to be very different from many others with a pandemic sweeping across the world. Many of us are stuck indoors. However, if you live with family, now is a great time to make the most of your time together, and build more precious memories. 

I hope you all still manage to enjoy the season, and thankyou for visiting! See you in the next challenge post! 

Share Your Passions

Hi everyone! I’ve been tagged in a #shareyourpassions nomination! We all need moments to do activities that make us happy, and those activities are even more special when you use them to inspire others! That’s the focus of this tag! You share your passions, along with how you plan to use them to make accomplishments in your life and inspire others to do the same. What a beautiful tag! The person who tagged me for this post is fellow blogger Laura from Do Five Things a Day. Thank-you so much Laura! Read her Share Your Passions Post here! Sorry for taking so long to respond to your tag! 

Rules of the Share Your Passions Nomination

  1. Repost the #ShareYourPassion logo (above) on your acceptance post.
  2. Tag the blogger’s site that nominated you.
  3. Share a bit about your passion(s): what hobbies, outside of blogging, keep you busy in your free time? What would you like to accomplish with these things? How could you use your passion(s) to be a blessing to others and show them the love of God?
  4. Nominate ten other bloggers and spread the joy!

My Passions

  1. Writing 

I really enjoy writing, and I’m not just talking about for my blog! I also like writing poetry and stories, which is one of the reasons I created a blog! During my time in middle school one of my language arts teachers asked the class to write a poem. After reading through all of the poems, the teacher told us how much he loved them all. He mentioned that there was one particular poem that stood out to him and he read it in front of the class, but he didn’t name the student who wrote it. I was shocked to hear the very poem I wrote and submitted being read back to me! It was such an encouraging experience, and it was the moment I realized I had a talent for writing! Fast forward to this year in 2019, and I decided to use my love of writing to encourage and inspire others through my blog! 

2. Spending time with my Family

Spending time with my family is definitely one of my favorite pas-times! I’m an introvert, and I would probably go as far as saying I’m an extreme introvert! I need my “me time” time! However, there are just some activities that are more fun when they’re done with others! Whenever I’m doing activities with my family I’m reminded that life is too short, and time is something you can never get back. I’m also reminded that if you slow down enough to reflect on your experiences, there is almost always something to learn, even from the most seemingly mundane ones. I now use my blog to share some these experiences to inspire people to slow down and reflect too. 

3. Reading

I think I’ve mentioned multiple times on my blog and on social media that I enjoy reading! It’s one of my go to “me” time activities! I love reading books, blog posts, news articles, etc. I just love reading! It’s such a relaxing activity to me! In fact, I used to fall asleep reading all the time when I was a child! As I grew older, putting aside time for reading started to become more and more of a challenge, especially during my time in college. All I had time for were my text books! However, I’m realizing more and more the importance of activities that help me to relax, reading being my one them! 

And those are my passions! I want to thank Laura again for this beautiful nomination! Here are my nominees:

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Now it’s your turn! What are your passions, and how do you use them to help and inspire others? #shareyourpassions #beinspiration

Vogue 73 Questions Parody

Taken from Vogue Videos

Hello everyone! I’m sure you’ve all heard of Vogue Magazine and Vogue 73 questions! Just in case though, Vogue Magazine is a world-renowned lifestyle magazine, and Vogue 73 questions is a special interview Vogue Magazine does with celebrities. The interview is usually done at the celebrity’s home, and they are asked 73 rapid fire questions! A blogger parody version has been going around, and I’ve been tagged to do one! The four bloggers who me tagged are Francesca from Frantasmagoria, Sunny Larue from Sunny Larue, Katie from I go by Katie, and Melissa Temple from Disabled Disney! Thankyou so much ladies! Fran’s blog focuses on sharing interesting stories and information about true crimes, the paranormal, and conspiracy theories! A very unique blog to be sure! Sunny’s Blog focuses on sharing her experiences with mental illness, more specifically bipolar disorder. Her posts are very heartfelt! Katie’s blog is a lifestyle blog that covers a variety of topics! One theme of her blog is exploration. Exploration is actually why she started blogging in the first place! Writing is not her strength, but she wanted to delve into to the world of blogging anyway! Last but not least, Melissa’s blog is a travel blog with a twist! It combines her love for travel and all things Disney with sharing her experiences as a person with a disability! Another very unique blog! Checkout all of these wonderful blogs, and get to know the bloggers behind them! And now, without further adu, on to the 73 questions! 

  1. What’s your usual Starbucks order?

I don’t usually order coffee from Starbucks. I often order food. Generally it would be an egg sandwich, or hashbrowns.

2. What does your workstation look like?

I often use my phone to blog, so my workstation is anywhere I’m comfortable! 

3. Favorite food?

Chocolate and anything fruit flavored! 

4. Favorite author?

J.K. Rowling, Eric Carl, Dr. Seuss, and Anne Frank. It’s ok that I name more than one right? 😂

5. What do you think of open relationships?

I think it’s not for me! 

6. What is your favorite video game?

Hmmm. If I had to pick one, I would say Asura’s Wrath

7. Guilty pleasure treat?

 Chocolate for sure! 

8. Favorite movie?

How to Train Your Dragon!

9. Favorite book?

The Bible and the Harry Potter Series! 

10. Twitter or Instagram?

Oh definitely twitter! Instagram is starting become a little fun for me, but twitter is king!

11. Desktop or laptop?

 Neither! My phone! 😂 Phones are pretty much computers now too! The more mobile the better!

12. Best advice you’ve ever received?

I’ve gotten a lot of good advice, so this is hard! One good piece of advice would be from my mother. She’s always told me to never be ashamed of who I am.

13. What project are you working on right now?

This blog post! 

14. Favorite color?

Pink and blue! 

15. Did you get good grades in school?

Yes. I’ve always done pretty well in school. It wasn’t easy though! 

16. Dream job?

Full time blogger would be nice!

17. Play any sports?


18. Do you have a degree?

I do! It wasn’t easy getting it, so I’m very proud! 

19. Nationality?

I’m American! 

20. What is your favorite kind of blog post?

The ones that tell a story!

21. What do you like to collect?


22. Describe yourself in three words?

Cheerful, kind, friendly 😃

23. If you were a rapper what would your stage name be?

Lil’ Charli! 😂

24. Who was the last person you DMed?

Mama Robbins, a fellow blogger! 🥰

25. What’s on top of your wish list right now?

Hmmm. Well, I would like to read the Game of Thrones series…so maybe to get those books. 

26. Sorting house?


27. How many tattoos do you have?


28. What are you most grateful for this year?

I’m grateful for all the new friends I’ve made on my blogging journey!

29. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this month?

A book publishing company reached out to me to help them celebrate their 10th anniversary! I was so honored! My blog is getting noticed, and I’m really excited about its future! 

30. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?

Time with family! 

31. What’s the best thing ever?

Supportive people around you!

32. Favorite season?

Hmmm. Winter! I can’t handle the summer heat, and spring and fall are too erratic for me! 

33. Favorite holiday?

Thanksgiving! It’s a really special time of year for my family! 

34. What fictional character do you relate to most?

Hmmm. I would say Hermoine Granger! I love learning about as much as she does! 

35. Do you like surprises?

I love surprises! 

36. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had?

Hmmm. I’ve had a good few surprises! One was when I first started reading the Harry Potter series. One of my teachers saw me reading the first and second Harry Potter books, and she bought the third and fourth books just so I could read them! She told she will read them too after I finished with them.

37. Which surprise made you cry?

I didn’t cry with my surprise, but I was definitely touched!

38. What’s the best surprise you’ve given somebody else?

I wrote a little something of appreciation for one of my siblings for her birthday. She told me she was very touched, and she tried not to cry when I gave it to her. 

39. Do you like muffins?

Yes, I love muffins, particularly banana bread muffins! 

40. Do you cook often?

Not really, no!

41. What’s your favorite dessert?

 Chocolate flavored treats for sure!

42. Is there a dessert you don’t like?

Any desserts with raisins in them!

43. Cake or pie?

Hmmm. This hard! I think I’ll go with cake! 

44. What’s your least favorite food?


45. What’s your favorite condiment?


46. It’s 4 am on a random Saturday. What are you eating?

Something really light! Maybe cereal!

47. If you could teach a college class what would it be called?

Learn a little something from Charli 101! 

48. Best animated film?

I’m a bit biased! My favorite film is How to Train your Dragon, which is an animated film, so that is the best animated film! I’ve just seen Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse though, and that movie is giving How to Train your Dragon a run for its money!

49. What has a guy done or said to impress you?

Sometime ago a cashier lowered the price of an item I was buying. He didn’t do the same for others buying the same item. I didn’t think anything of it! In fact, I didn’t even notice what he did, and that he was trying to impress me, until after I left the store! 😂

50. Best thing to do on a first date?

Give my date my undivided attention!

51. Worst thing to do on a first date?

Do something embarrassing in front of my date!

52. Whats the funniest pick up line a guy/girl could use?

“Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day!”

“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

53. Best comic book character?

I have to go with the ever relatable Spider-Man!

54. Name 3 things that can always be found in your purse?

Lip gloss, a little piece of paper to write on, a pen.

55. Favorite drink?

Ginger ale!

56. If you could play a historical character in a movie who would it be?

Hmmm. Can I say Michelle Obama? 😂

57. Kittens or puppies?

Oh gosh, both are so cute!! I’ll have to go with puppies though! I’m very much a dog person! 

58. Favorite Sushi roll?

I don’t have one! 

59. What lipstick do you use?

I have a red one and another one that’s pink.

60. What foundation do you use?

I have one, but I hardly use it! 

61. Blow dry or air dry?

Definitely air dry! I want to protect my hair from heat damage! 

62. Who is your fashion icon?


63. Favorite Disney Character?

Moana! I love many Disney characters though, so that was a little hard! 

64. What are you doing tomorrow?

I’m going to work more on my blog!

65. Movie you laughed the hardest through?

Oh there’s a good few of those! One would be Madagascar

66. Movie that made you cry?

There are a couple of these too! One is A Silent Voice

67. If you could sing a duet with anybody who would you choose?

Beyoncé, even though I would just be embarrassing myself singing with her! 😂

68. If your life was a song what would the title be?

“Leaving Behind my Footprints”. I want to make difference in the world, no mater how small the impact might be. 

69. What is your favorite animal?

The dog! That animal is called man’s best friend for a reason! They’re amazingly loyal! 

70. Favorite Illustrator?

Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle. 

71. The person you want to have coffee with?

Anyone who wants to have coffee with me! 

72. What country would you like to visit?

There are many, but one is Costa Rica! 

73. Best way to decompress?

Relaxing with a good book! 

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Have fun!