Meet my Favorite Things

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another challenge post! This week’s post will be about my favorite things, challenge number two! My favorite things are my books and my journals. I mentioned on my blog and social media many times how much I love reading and writing. They’ve been two of my favorite activities since I was a small child. My parents even told I tried reading a newspaper upside down when I was a baby. 

Reading and writing go hand in hand, and that is very much the case for me. I always enjoyed the different ways authors shared their stories. I loved getting lost in the thoughts of the characters and what they thought about themselves, each other, and their surroundings. I grew to love and appreciate writing as a form of expression, and as I grew older I realized I express myself best through writing. Communication is second nature to many of us. It’s done so naturally. For others, not so much. When talking with someone in person, I sometimes struggle to express myself. I often have repeat myself in conversations, because I tend to mumble, and that’s when I actually decide to speak. Whenever I’m writing, however, I have a completely different experience. I’m not shy one bit, and my thoughts flow freely. I feel uninhibited, free to be myself. It is a wonderful feeling. 

And those are my favorite things! Thanks for visiting! Feel free to share some of your favorite things in the comments if you like, and stay tuned for my next challenge post!


Sponsored Post: Happy Anniversary Odyssey Books!

Odyssey Books

“Where Books are an Adventure”.

Odyssey Books

Hello everyone! I am not a book blogger, however, I do enjoy reading books. Reading is one of my favorite ways to get some relaxation, as well as some excitement! Ever since I was a small child, I have been an avid reader. I enjoyed getting lost in the pages of a great book for hours on end, and still do. For this reason, I am honored to be collaborating with Odyssey Books to help them celebrate their Anniversary. Odyssey Books is a New Zealand based book publishing company that was created in 2009 by founder Michelle Lovi. This month, Odyssey Books turns 10! As a blogger, I can understand a little bit of the excitement around the success of a growing business, because running a blog is like running a business! You can read more about Odyssey Books publishing company here

To celebrate this occasion, Odyssey Books has a collection of books that are on sale right now! For the month of July, these books will only cost $0.99! These books can be bought electronically through Apple iBooks, the Amazon Kindle reader, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Google Books, among other electronic book stores. Odyssey generally publishes fiction books, and they seem quite interesting. Here is a description from the company’s website on one their books entitled A Perfect Square by author Isobel Blackthorn:

Odyssey Books

“Across two continents, two sets of mothers and daughters are bound by a dark mystery.

On a winter’s day in the Dandenongs, Victoria, pianist Ginny returns home to stay with her eccentric mother and artist, Harriet. Consumed by disturbing dreams, speculations and remembering, she tries to prise from her mother the truth concerning her father’s disappearance and why, when she was seven, Harriet abducted her. In an effort to distract her daughter’s interrogations, Harriet proposes they collaborate on an exhibition of paintings and songs. 

Meanwhile, on the edge of Dartmoor, Judith paints landscapes of the Australian Outback to soothe her troubled mind. Her wayward daughter, Madeleine, has returned home and she’s filled the house with darkness. Her father doesn’t want to know her. Judith wishes he did. When at last she forces the two to meet she breathes a sigh of relief.

Back in Australia, Ginny is poised to fly to England in search of the truth when she receives some earth-shattering news.

A novel brimming with mystery, intrigue, creativity, art and the occult.”

You can take look at other books that are on sale on the Odyssey Book publishing company’s website here

The company’s motto is “Where Books are an Adventure”. It is true that good books really can be wonderfully fun and adventurous! If you enjoy reading as well, consider taking advantage of Odyssey Books publishing company’s sale! Happy 10th anniversary to Odyssey Books! I wish you continued success!