My Father, My Superhero

When Avengers: End Game was released a relative of mine went to a theater right away to watch it. After seeing it, he couldn’t help bragging about seeing the movie before me. Avengers: End Game marks the end of a phase for the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Many of the super heroes we’ve enjoyed watching will not be returning to the big screen, or at least not anytime soon. Watching the these characters be brought to life by talented actors and actresses has been amazing, however, there is one person in my life who is my superhero. 

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you might have noticed that I mention my father quite often. We have a very close relationship. Yes, I am very much I daddy’s girl. My father was still quite young when he had me, and was still trying build himself up. However, my father still managed to give me one of the most important things a parent can ever give his or her child: time. Many nights my Dad stayed up late trying to calm me after a nightmare despite how busy he was. I have many wonderful memories of my Dad and I enjoying each other’s company while watching a movie, or spending time at a park. Any events I can’t remember were captured in pictures. My father never failed to be around and have a camera ready during special or spontaneous moments. Anytime I felt was in any type of trouble (feeling sick while at school or being bullied) I was able to reach him anytime, and just like a superhero he was by my side in a flash. My father never failed to make me feel safe and loved. I wanted to be just like him when I reached adulthood myself, and be the type of parent to any future children I might have that he was to me. I don’t know how my father managed, and that’s why he was, and still is, my superhero. Here’s what others have to say about their fathers/superheroes:

Dayma Garcia – Motivational, Lifestyle, and Mental Health Blogger at Women Undefined

My dad has been more there for me when it has really counted, whenever I have been in any rut he’s the one that has gotten me out, I don’t have many memories of my childhood with him but when it mattered, he was there, I love him & wouldn’t change anything

Raheela James –  Business and Lifestyle Blogger at Mommy’s Business 101

When I was 15 we escaped the Gulf War. My Dad brought 30 people out of Kuwait by his courage and his smarts. Every other man there was scared and lost and no idea what to do and looked to my Dad for guidance. I don’t think we would have made it out without him and God’s help.

Gina – Lifestyle and Travel Blogger at CultureBean

“He knows how to make me laugh. That’s the remedy to so many things. We have the same sense of humor and can talk for days. Then there’s general life hacks like fixing my flat and (the biggie) my car e.t.c.” 😂

Sandra Morgan – Personal Blogger at Chatting with San

“Oh I wish my dad and my grand daddy where still alive.  I was surely a daddy baby!”  🥰🥰🥰

Lisa Mitchell – Lifestyle and Book Review Blogger at Fluxing Well

“My dad is a superhero because, despite the pain he is in from multiple joint replacements, he’s always positive and encouraging to others.”🌻

Stephanie – Lifestyle and Mental Health Blogger at A Red Hair Girl

“My dad always seems to be able to fix everything. Mr. Fixit, we call/called him. He also has a great sense of humor and it’s fun to spend time with him!”  

Millie – Lifestyle and Book Review Blogger at MSB Life 

“My Dad is a superhero to me because prompted me to think differently about things but also the stories he would make up for us and the jokes – those are things you never forget” 🙂

Melissa Temple – Travel and Disability Blogger at Disabled Disney

“My dad wasn’t my hero per se! But I have pretty severe depression and anxiety and he was the only person who could calm me down. He passed away in 2007. I miss him so much!”

Emma – Lifestyle and Disability Blogger at Dyspraxic Domesticated Mummy

“I never really knew my Dad growing up. In fact Fathers Day is tough one for me. My first son died and his funeral was the day after Father’s Day. My husband carried our son’s coffin. My husband is superman. He is the strongest man I know carrying his sons coffin” x

Eunice Tossy – Lifestyle and Christian Blogger at A Bible Girl

“Mine died when I was 3.. 21 years ago”

Steve Biggs – Travel Blogger at Biggsy Travels 

“How about my dad Roger Biggs who’s run 911 marathons!!! And was the first Brit to run a marathon in every single US state 👍 NB.”

Abbey – Lifestyle and Mental Health Blogger at Abbey’s Chronicles 

“He is the reason and motivation behind everything I do..  He has given me everything I could ever wish for and the love, care and trust is incomparable”

Grace – Travel Blogger at Traveling the World of the Olympics

“Absolutely was my hero! One of my recent posts is about what I inherited from him, ‘Having a Athlete for a Father, Was I Destined to Work in the Olympic Movement?

Liz – Lifestyle Blogger and Influencer at Mummy Overload

“My step was my super hero…. He was always there when I needed him and called me his little Chelsea girl. We did everything together. Holidays where the best with him and he was so funny. Used to do all these little silly things. He was also the best grandad ever. He passed away 6 years ago but will always be my superhero”

Chocoviv – Lifestyle Blogger at Gogo Bags

“Inspired me to use the tool box to build stuff!”

Munashe Chakaonda – Personal Blogger at In Her Thoughts

“Although I don’t much about him because he passed on when I was really young. The idea of him is home, it gives me comfort and security. He is still my super hero because I know no matter how I turned out he would have been proud of me.”

Mama Robbins – Lifestyle Blogger at Mama Robbins Series | An Undistracted Life

“He always wanted me to help him build things. No matter what it was. Wheelbarrow, bbq, shed, or shelves. He always let me help.” 🙂

Elissa Renee – Personal Blogger and Art Blogger at By Love Elissa

“Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Sydney Telling – Web Communications Officer and Influencer


“I have an incredible Step Dad who’s been in my life since I was 2, I’m quite lucky”. 😃

Nicola – Blogger and Writer at A Rambling Collective

“You don’t need to lose any weight, you look lovely…you’ll feel better about it tomorrow, and I don’t know why I bother, so come and give your old dad a kiss.”

Excerpt from “I Love My Dad

Ashley – Lifestyle Blogger at The Irish Twin’s Mama

“My dad worked really hard to provide for my twin sister and I as a single parent. He tried to make every event but sometimes work made him miss it. When I think back though he did the best he could to provide everything and more for us. He is now doing the same for his grandchildren.”

Thankyou for all of your touching contributions about your fathers! I and my contributors hope everyone reading this post enjoys father’s day! If you are a father, whether you’re a biological father, step father, adoptive father, god father, foster father, or a father figure, Happy Father’s Day from all of us!