Summer fun with The Umbrella Academy

I’m not a huge fan of the summer. At all. I mean, at least when it’s cold you can put on more layers, but when it’s too hot there’s only a certain amount of clothes you can take off, and you’d still be hot! However, there are some advantages to this season. For one, I don’t have to worry about extra accessories like a scarf or gloves when I’m going out. Another big one is getting a chance to bond with my family. Summer is usually when work and school would slow down a bit for my parents and siblings, so it’s a great time to get some bonding moments in! Our favorite way to bond is by watching shows and movies together, and right now my sister and I are watching The Umbrella Academy!

Birds of a feather flock together. People are generally able to bond best when they have interests in common. For this reason, my siblings and I love sharing movies and shows with each other, especially shows! Clips from the Umbrella Academy started popping up in my YouTube feed, and they were really funny and interesting. The videos and the comments under them made my curiosity pique, so instead of spoiling anymore of the show for myself, I decided to just watch it. At that point, two seasons had already been released. I binged all of the episodes, and got through them pretty quickly. I told my sister about the show, and she decided to give it a chance too. Now she loves the show as much as I do! 

If I had to describe the show in one word it would be chaotic, but chaotic in a good way! The show is so fun! However, what makes watching it even more fun is having someone to enjoy it with. It was so fun having someone to talk to about the first two seasons, and just as fun to have someone to wait with impatiently for the next season! Now that the third season is out, we’re back to binging the Umbrella Academy, and my sister and I both agree that it was another amazing season! We both can’t wait for season 4! Next up, Stranger Things! What shows are you guys binging right now? What are your favorite ways to bond with family and friends? See you in the next post! 

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