Depression and Anxiety: The Start of a Recovery Journey

Hi everyone! 

For those who might not know, May is mental awareness health month! It just so happens that I’ve been working on taking care of my mental health during the month, which is why I’ve been a little inactive lately. I’ve recently met an awesome mental health blogger, Chaz from Mental Health 360! She kindly offered to let me write a guest post for her blog, which is about my struggles with my mental health! I’ve been sharing a little about my mental health struggles on my blog, and this latest post gives a more in depth look at my journey over the years! Click here to give the post a read! While you’re there, take a look around Caz’s blog! She’s a retired mental health professional, so you will find a lot of wonderful resources there! You can learn a lot from her blog! 

Remember that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. Take care of each other and yourselves.

Until next time,

– Charli


3 thoughts on “Depression and Anxiety: The Start of a Recovery Journey

  1. This is where I found you, via Caz’s blog.

    I think talking and sharing about mental health helps with the process. Our mental health is not about curing, as it will always be there, but managing. Having things to hand that we know that helps us on those difficult days, to get through each day as it comes.

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    1. Thankyou so much for your comment! I’m sorry I’m so late! Lol. You’re definitely right about this being a life long struggle! That’s something I’ve been learning through therapy. That those depressive episodes might come back from time to time, but I’ve learned so much on how to cope with them through therapy! It’s been amazing!

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