Collaboration Post: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I am so excited to be collaborating with Nadine from Home of Understanding! We both started blogging just this year, and our blogs cover very similar topics. She’s incredibly creative and full of ideas! Her blog is amazing and you should definitely read her other posts! Give her a visit here. Nadine offered the idea of collaborating after we visited each other’s blogs, and I jumped on the opportunity! She told me she’s been thinking of writing about body image issues for a while, and mentioned the idea of writing about what often goes through a person’s mind as he or she looks at him/herself through a mirror. We both agreed it’s an amazing idea, and started working on the project right away! For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with developing a positive self image. There have been many times when I’ve looked in the mirror and saw so many things I would like to change. For this collaboration, we are exploring the voice of self loathing, or “the devil”, that we often hear in our heads when judging ourselves, and the “angel”, whose uplifting voice is often ignored. Our goal through this project is to help our readers realize that you are perfect the way you are. Don’t listen to your inner ”devil” thoughts. Focus on the voice of the “angel”, and embrace your unique beauty. 

The voice of the “Devil”:

There are so many flaws to point out. When are you going to lose all that weight? Maybe you can skip a meal today. Look at all those blemishes on your face. You shouldn’t go outside without makeup. Your chest and rear end are so small. Maybe you should consider implants. Your nose is a funny shape. You should consider getting that fixed too. You also need to work on getting in control of the pimples on your thighs and the hair on your arms. Plus, it would be nice if you could do something about that curved back of yours. That’s not attractive. Beauty is important to a woman, and can get her far. Don’t hesitate to do what’s needed for you to be considered beautiful. 

Can you relate to those words? Do you find yourself saying similar comments about your appearance whenever you look into the mirror? Visit Nadine’s Post,  Body Image – A Dialogue to read what the “angel” has to say.

Five Facts about Body Image Issues and Mental Health

– The term for when someone obsesses over perceived flaws in his or her appearance is called Body Dysmorphia. It is considered an official psychological disorder. Bjornsson, Andri S, et al.

– Body Dysmorphia was called dysmorphophobia when it was first documented. The name was changed to Body Dysmorphia in 1987, the same year it was recognized as an official  psychological condition. 17 Scarey Body Dysmorphic Disorder Statistics

– Before television was introduced in the country of Fiji in the 1990s there were no documented cases of eating disorders. Sixty five teenage girls were followed for three years for a study during the introduction of television in the country. Around twelve percent of the girls developed eating disorder symptoms 1 month into the study, and around 29% developed symptoms after 3 years. The Body Project: Facilitator Fact Sheet

– In the United States, around 2.5% in males, and in 2.2 % of females, have BDD. Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

– In the United States, January is Mental Wellness Month, May is Mental Health Month, and the first week of October is Mental Illness Awareness Week. World Mental Health Day is October 10. Who We Are.


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22 thoughts on “Collaboration Post: Mirror Mirror on the Wall

    1. Thankyou so much! 😁 Yes, there’s so much pressure to get the “ideal” look. I’ve definitely felt it! There’s no such thing as the perfect look in my opinion though! We are beautiful just the way we are!

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  1. What a brilliant idea for a joint post. I think it really works- fantastic!
    Really interesting how the devil’s part is short and explosive- does the damage then F’s off.
    The angel’s takes so much longer to address and repair each point. Much more hard work- perhaps that is in part why it’s so hard to change?
    Well done to you both,
    Peace and love,
    Spence 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much Spence! 😁 That’s a very interesting way to look at it! It is true that it’s so easy for us to be so hard on ourselves, and it’s definitely hard to change that habit! Thankyou so much for stopping by and sharing your deep thoughts!


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